Accolades & Accomplishments

Since its inception, the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association has registered significant achievements on behalf of the province’s roadbuilding and heavy construction industries. The ARHCA is the singular voice for the heavy construction sector in Alberta, and is the largest association of its kind in Canada.

The Association has:

  • established equitable equipment rental rates, widely used throughout the private and public sectors
  • energetically promoted privatization of government work with the result that Alberta Transportation has become a global leader in this regard.
  • helped improve regulations and standards of safety in the workplace through liaison with The Workers’ Compensation Board and the development of the ARHCA Safety Committee.
  • been involved in the Alberta Construction Association Safety Association as a founding member.
  • supported The Road Infrastructure Program (TRIP), Canada’s public awareness program that resulted in the National Infrastructure Program, and continues to lobby for federal infrastructure and highway programs through the Civil Infrastructure Council at the national level.
  • improved communications with city administrations and upgraded working conditions within these urban jurisdictions.
  • developed the Roadbuilders Certificate Program in partnership with NAIT. The Roadbuilders Certificate Program addresses the professional development requirements of individuals currently working in the heavy construction industry, and includes courses in soil technology, field project management, estimating, contract law, and other relevant topics.
  • designed and developed, in conjunction with the Alberta Construction Association, the Construction Engineering Degree course at the University of Alberta, seen as a major accomplishment in the eyes of the construction industry.
  • the opportunity for members to work on any committees in your area of interest.