The ARHCA provides a list of members with links (where available) to their company websites. You can search our membership list by company name, alphabetically (this will filter for all company names beginning with the same letter), or by type of business. By default, if no filters are applied, this member listing is randomized to allow equal exposure for all our members. For a full membership list including company contact details, you may purchase the ARHCA Equipment Rental Rates Guide and Membership Roster in our Store.

A-1 Topsoil & Construction Services Ltd.
EarthmovingExcavatingGeneral ContractingGradingGravel SupplyLandscapingSewer & WaterTrucking
ShearForce Equipment
Equipment DealerEquipment Rental
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Zimmer Inc. o/a Farmboy Landscaping and Maintenance
EarthmovingExcavatingFencing and GuardrailGeneral ContractingGradingIrrigationLandscapingTrucking
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AGGERS Technical Services Ltd.

Wally's Backhoe Services Ltd.
Aggregate SupplyCrushingEarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingGradingGravel SupplyPipelineSewer & WaterSubdivision WorkTrucking
Urban Dirtworks Inc.
ExcavatingGeneral ContractingSewer & WaterSubdivision Work
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Modu-Loc Fence Rentals LP
Fencing and Guardrail
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A. LeDuc Developments (1983) Ltd.
Asphalt RecyclingGeneral ContractingMilling & Profiling
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Park Paving Ltd.
Aggregate SupplyAsphalt Concrete SupplyAsphalt RecyclingConcrete SupplyConcrete WorkCrushingEquipment HaulingGeneral ContractingGravel SupplyMilling & ProfilingPavingSubdivision WorkTrucking
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MPI Inc. [MacQueen Playground Installations Inc.]
Concrete WorkEarthmovingExcavatingFencing and GuardrailGradingLandscaping
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Asphalt Cement & CutbacksEmulsions
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Tenco Inc.
Equipment Dealer
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ExcavatingGeneral ContractingSewer & Water
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Stuber's Cat Service Ltd.
EarthmovingExcavatingGeneral ContractingGradingOilfieldPipeline
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Roan Geomatics Inc.
Engineering Consultant
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Rural Road Construction Ltd.
Aggregate SupplyEarthmovingEquipment HaulingEquipment RentalExcavatingGeneral ContractingGradingGravel SupplyLandscapingOilfieldPipelineRock BlastingSewer & WaterSubdivision WorkTrucking
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TransWestern Truck Centres
Aggregate SupplyConcrete SupplyEquipment HaulingGravel SupplyPavingTrucking
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O'Hanlon Paving Ltd. - The Fath Group
Aggregate SupplyAsphalt Concrete SupplyAsphalt RecyclingConcrete WorkCrushingEquipment HaulingEquipment RentalExcavatingGeneral ContractingMilling & ProfilingPavingSignageSubdivision WorkTrucking
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MDP Oilfield Services Ltd.
Equipment RentalOilfield
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Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Company - Calgary

Pikowicz Farms Ltd.
EarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingOilfieldTrucking
Kinsley Alberta Ltd.
Bridge WorkFencing and GuardrailGradingIrrigationLandscapingSignage
Reg Gallagher Trucking
Aggregate SupplyGravel SupplyTrucking
Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd.
Aggregate SupplyEarthmovingEquipment HaulingEquipment RentalExcavatingGravel SupplyIrrigationOilfield
ATS Traffic - Calgary
Engineering ConsultantEquipment RentalFencing and GuardrailRoadway Markings (Line Painting)Signage
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Leibel Insurance Group Corp.
Financial & Insurance Services
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SMS Equipment - Grande Prairie
Equipment DealerEquipment Rental
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KC's Environmental Services
ExcavatingGeneral ContractingGradingSewer & Water
Willow Creek Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Capital Canada
Financial & Insurance Services
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Maestro Technologies Inc.

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Wheatland County

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Alberta Paving Ltd.
General ContractingPavingSubdivision Work
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Terra-Tec Construction Inc.
Mudrack Concrete Ltd.
Concrete Work
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BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.
Financial & Insurance Services
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936588 Alberta Ltd. o/a CC&C Services
EarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingFencing and GuardrailGeneral ContractingGradingIrrigationLandscapingOilfieldRoadway Markings (Line Painting)Seal Coating & MicrosurfacingSewer & WaterSignageSubdivision WorkTrucking
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EarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingOilfieldPipelineTrucking
Donaldson Company Inc.

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Sunrise Earthworks Inc.
EarthmovingEquipment HaulingGrading
Associated Aggregates Inc.
Aggregate SupplyAsphalt Concrete SupplyCrushingEarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingGravel SupplyOilfieldTrucking
Welsh Excavating Ltd. (2008)
Aggregate SupplyEarthmovingEquipment HaulingExcavatingGradingGravel SupplyLandscapingTrucking
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McKnight Enterprises Ltd.
Equipment HaulingExcavatingFencing and GuardrailGeneral ContractingGradingGravel SupplyTrucking
Holt Transport Inc.
Aggregate SupplyTrucking
Kann Supply
Sewer & Water
All-North Trucking
Aggregate SupplyEquipment HaulingGravel SupplyPavingTrucking
Macroe Construction Inc.
EarthmovingEquipment RentalExcavatingGradingSewer & WaterTrucking
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Neptune Coring (Western) Ltd., A Division of Lafarge Canada Inc.

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Bobcat of Calgary
EarthmovingEquipment DealerEquipment RentalLandscapingOilfieldPipeline
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County of Forty Mile No. 8

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