Schedule of Membership Fees

  1. This schedule of membership fees has been approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Membership fees are based on the total previous year's volume in dollars according to the schedule shown below.
  3. The membership year runs from November 1st through October 31st. Renewal is due November 1st.
  4. Fees for new members accepted during the membership year will be pro-rated on a monthly basis.
  5. New members will be formally approved by the board at the next Board of Directors meeting.
Class Total Annual Volume (Dollars)

ARHCA Annual Fee

CCA Integrated Fee

Total Annual Fees

Regular - Group I Under 1.5M 595.00 183.50 778.50 + GST
Regular - Group II Between 1.5M - 3M 1,360.00 183.50 1,543.50 + GST
Regular - Group III Between 3M - 7.5M 2,130.00 183.50 2,313.50 + GST
Regular - Group IV Between 7.5M - 15M 2,890.00 183.50 3,073.50 + GST
Regular - Group V 15M and over 3,655.00 183.50 3,838.50 + GST
Owner/Operator Under 650K per year (ie: no more than 2 pieces of equipment) 270.00 183.50 453.50 + GST
Regular (Groups II-V) Branch   1,000.00 N/A  1,000.00 + GST
Associate Member   595.00 183.50 778.50 + GST
Associate Branch Member   270.00 N/A 270.00 + GST
Consultant Member   595.00 183.50 778.50 + GST
Consultant Branch Member   270.00 N/A 270.00+ GST
Municipal Member   120.00 N/A

120.00 + GST

Social Membership   100.00 N/A 100.00 + GST

Regular Members (Groups I-V) Branch

Those persons, firms, partnerships or corporations engaged in road building and heavy construction in Alberta.


Those individuals who own and operate two or fewer pieces of equipment in the road building and heavy construction industry in Alberta may be eligible to become a member in this category.

Associate Members

Those individuals, firms or corporations whose operations may include, but are not limited to materials supply, equipment supply, technical services, consulting services (but not engineering consultants), financial, bonding, or legal services. In addition, any other firms or individuals who have as one of their primary client bases the heavy construction contractor.

Municipal Member

Those firms, partnerships, corporations, or governments that purchase heavy construction services from construction contractors in Alberta, but do not perform construction work themselves. This is a non-voting membership category and does not hold a position on the Board of Directors.

Consultant Members

Those individuals, firms, partnerships or corporations engaged in heavy civil consulting engineering for heavy construction projects in Alberta.

Social Members

Those individuals who have retired from the category of regular member may be eligible to become a social member. This is a non-voting membership category.

Regular/Associate/Consultant Branch Members

This is a subcategory of membership for eligible companies that already hold a membership under the Regular, Associate or Consultant category. This membership is intended to provide services for additional locations of an existing ARHCA member company.