Strategic Partnerships

The ARHCA works together with many other organizations to ensure that the heavy construction sector is represented well on important issues.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

NAIT’s Vision

We aspire to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary institution in Canada and one of the world’s leading polytechnics.

NAIT’s Promises

Promises to Students
NAIT provides a positive student experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly.  We prepare students to succeed in meaningful careers, find employment in their chosen field and have the skills necessary to have an immediate impact.   We provide an exceptional educational experience centered on high-quality practical instruction and a relevant curriculum. We meet students’ needs, provide a safe environment where diversity is supported and have up-to-date technology and facilities.   

Promises to Industry
NAIT produces an exceptional skilled workforce, aligned directly to industry needs. Our programs are developed with industry’s input and our research is industry driven to create enterprises that compete worldwide. 
Promises to Alberta
NAIT’s primary focus is on meeting the current and emerging needs for polytechnic education and research in Alberta.  NAIT is relevant and responsive, providing outstanding technical education. While serving the needs of Alberta, NAIT is globally competitive and recognized.

Promises to Staff
NAIT is one of Canada’s outstanding places to work, which follows from a culture of how we work together. This is reflected in our values of respect, collaboration, celebration, support and accountability.

ARHCA's Involvement
The ARHCA has an ongoing relationship with NAIT in the development of training and professional development courses for new and existing employees in our sector. By joining forces, we developed the Gold Seal approved Roadbuilders Certificate Program, which includes 12 individual courses, and was designed for new and existing employees. This program is currently being revised and will be available in 2015.

For many years, the ARHCA has provided funding for two scholarships for the Civil Engineering Technology program. In November 2013, the ARHCA made a formal contribution to NAIT’s Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management, which is currently in development. In addition, one of the Association’s members sits on the advisory committee of this program.

Alberta Coalition for Action on Labour Shortages

Also known as ACALS, our members collectively employ hundreds of thousands of Albertans and represent every sector area of the province – from small businesses to large employers. The coalition came together in late 2011 to identify areas of common interest and work together to identify solutions. ACALS is seeking meetings with federal and provincial officials to discuss further action on immigration improvements.

The coalition includes

  • Alberta Construction Association
  • Alberta Chambers of Commerce
  • Alberta Enterprise Group
  • Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Alberta Motor Transport Association
  • Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association
  • Calgary Economic Development
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Consulting Engineers of Alberta
  • Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Alberta
  • Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
  • Merit Contractors Association
  • Petroleum Services Association of Canada
  • Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS)

Formed in 2003, The Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS) is a concerned group of public and private sector organizations whose goal is to reduce collisions in road construction zones and improve driver attitudes toward road and utility workers.

With your help, we hope to reduce the more than 900 collisions and the millions of dollars in property damages, that occur every year in road and utility construction zones in Alberta.

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES)

Also known as AWES is dedicated to building a competent, adaptable and innovative workforce that fuels our economy, now and in the future. Their team of diverse professionals offers client-focused solutions that build a cornerstone for lifelong learning.

Triparty Group

Alberta Transportation, the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, and the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association, have been working actively together since 1999. The three parties signed a partnering charter in 1999, which was renewed in 2005. The updated charter was intended to “renew and reinforce the commitment to the continuous improvement and development of this partnership.” In January 2004, the three parties held a facilitated workshop to review how the tri-party working relationship was functioning. As a result of this session, members of the three parties, who are represented on the Operations Committee formalized a “partnering” model and process to maximize the working relationship between the parties. In July 2006, a partnering process for Alberta Transportation projects was finalized where Annual Regional Partnering Sessions would be conducted prior to the start of each construction season and that a Preconstruction Partnering Session would be held prior to the beginning of each Alberta Transportation project. Both of these Partnering Sessions would involve regional representatives from Alberta Transportation, as well as representatives from the member companies of the CEA (the consultants) and the ARHCA. As a continuing acknowledgement of the importance of keeping the lines of communications open between consultant, contractor, and owner, the Triparty group also hosts an annual conference.

Safer Winter Highways

Winter means snow and ice. When winter hits, it's the job of snowplow operators to keep our provincial highways clear and open to traffic. They're committed to maintaining safe winter driving conditions, but they can't do it alone. Drivers have a role to play, too, if incidents are to be avoided. The Alberta government and the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association co-sponsor a multimedia and community relations campaign to drive this message home.

Council of Employers for Workplace Safety

The Council of Employers for Workplace Safety encourages the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management programs in Alberta.  Employers must meet specified standards for health and safety outlined by Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry.

Canadian Construction Association

The Canadian Construction Association is the national voice for Canada’s construction industry. ARHCA Members receive the CCA newsletter and publications such as the Environmental Bulletin, the International Construction File and the Tax & Tariff Bulletin. CCA holds an annual convention that is attended by construction leaders from all sectors, and provides excellent opportunities for business development and professional growth.

SAIT Polytechnic: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Polytechnic — "many arts and skills"

A polytechnic is an innovative and entrepreneurial post-secondary institution, distinct from universities and colleges in that it offers a skill-focused approach to learning.

From apprenticeships to baccalaureate degrees, full-time to part-time, polytechnic institutions offer a range of credentials in diverse program areas focused on experience-oriented training. Multi-disciplined and industry responsive, polytechnic programs provide students with the required knowledge and skills for a rewarding career.

Leaders in applied research and innovation, polytechnics work closely with industry, regional and local organizations and community partners, providing access to leading-edge knowledge, skill and resources. Canada's polytechnics also offer diverse industry training products to corporations across the country and around the world.

SAIT is a member of Polytechnics Canada, a national alliance of leading research-intensive, publicly-funded colleges and institutes of technology dedicated to helping colleges and industry create high-quality jobs for the future.

Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

The membership of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) consists of employers whose Alberta Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) account falls within participating Industry Codes. Funding for the ACSA is provided by the membership through an arrangement with the WCB.

All those involved with the ACSA, from the origin of the idea to the present, share a common vision which, generally stated, is that through the cooperative efforts of all involved, the construction environment in Alberta will be the safest anywhere. To realize this vision, the ACSA is embarking on the following mission:

"The Mission of the Alberta Construction Safety Association is to provide quality advice and education for the construction industry that will reduce human suffering and financial costs associated with workplace incidents."

BuildForce Canada

Originally created in 2001 as the Construction Sector Council, BuildForce Canada is a national industry-led organization committed to working with the construction industry to provide information and resources to assist with its management of workforce requirements.

The mandate of BuildForce Canada is to provide accurate and timely labour market information (LMI) to advance the needs of the entire construction industry. BuildForce Canada will lead value-added programs and initiatives that build the capacity and the capability of the construction workforce to meet current and future industry demand to drive economic growth in Canada.

Olds College

Values Statement

At Olds College we value

  • Empowerment of learners
  • Rural Community development
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement in all College operations

Vision Statement

Olds College shall be the premier Canadian integrated learning and applied research community specializing in agriculture, horticulture, and land and environmental management.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment for learning, inquiry, partnership and communication that supports our students, our employees and our communities in the service of society.

ARHCA's Involvement
The ARHCA has a continuing partnership with Olds College in developing industry-ready training for current and future employees of ARHCA member companies. In November 2013, the Association made a contribution of $15,000 to be put toward program development and resources for the Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) and the Deep Utility Installer programs. The ARHCA also has representation on the Advisory Boards of both of these programs.