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$535M in funding for 96 projects announced

News about the roadbuilding & heavy construction industry
Issued April 20, 2017

$535M in funding for 96 projects announced

The federal and provincial government announced $535 million in funding for 96 transportation projects at a news conference on April 20. 

CEO Jim Rivait acted as master of ceremonies for the announcement by Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason and Amarjeet Sohi, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

Thanks to Carmacks Enterprises for providing a site for the event and doing a lot of work to get everything set up at Nisku.

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City of Calgary Prequalification Process Review for Prime Contractor for Construction Projects

Thank you to all our stakeholders for your input during the process review. As a result, The City has determined a new goal in collaboration with the Calgary Construction Association: 90 per cent of submissions are to be completed within 120 calendar days.

Alberta Transportation Budget Breakdown

News about the roadbuilding & heavy construction industry
Issued March 22, 2017

Alberta Transportation Budget Breakdown

Alberta Transportation has provided details on budget spending plans to share with members of the ARHCA.

These include breakdowns for planned spending over the next three years for rehabilitation, bridges, maintenance, and water management as well as quantities for ACP and earthmoving.

AT has also updated information on its Provincial Construction Program webpage. Resources include highway and flood-related projects 2017-20 and interactive map.

Provincial Highway Rehabilitation (millions)

2017-18                $354 – Approx. 50 to 55 percent of construction program tendered.

2018-19                $394

2019-20                $456

The above numbers do NOT include a $28 million allocation per year, for 2017 to 2020, for slide repairs.

Bridges (millions)

2017-18                $68 – Appro. 40 to 50 percent of this construction program tendered.

2018-19                $86

2019-20                $103

Highway Maintenance (millions)

2017-18                $254

2018-19                $259

2019-20                $263

The 2016-17 budget amount for highway maintenance was $267 million, so there has been a reduction of approximately $13 million between 2016-17 and 2017-18. It is at the discretion of AT and highway maintenance contractors to find the best way to manage this reduction. The safety of Alberta’s highways will not be compromised by this change.

Pavement Preservation (millions)

2017-18                $11

2018-19                $11

2019-20                $12

NOTE: This funding is primarily for preventative maintenance activities such replacement of signs, delineators, etc.


ACP (kms / tonnes)

2017-18                1,459 km             4.07 million tonnes

2018-19                1,261 km             3.643 million tonnes

2019-20                1,420 km             3.609 million tonnes

Quantities are inclusive of all programs, but excluding ring roads.  This includes quantities with work types such as Overlay, Grade Widening, 2nd Stage Paving, Twinning – 2nd Stage, Reconstruction and 6 Laning.

Earthmoving (cubic metres)

2017-18                9.8 million cubic metres

2018-19                2.5 million cubic metres

2019-20                1.7 million cubic metres

Quantities above exclude ring roads. 

Water Management (millions) – Dams, Canals, and the Carseland-Bow River Project

2017-18                $39

2018-19                $20

2019-20                $20

Major Capital Project Details

Highway 15 bridge – Design work will begin in 2017.

212 Avenue and Deerfoot Trail Interchange – Project design completed. Tender date yet to be confirmed.

Athabasca River Bridge on Highway 813 – Project will be tendered after 2019.

Additional Budget Items

  • The Alberta government will invest $33 million over three years, 2017 to 2020, to retrofit all highway lighting to LED. This funding is under the Climate Leadership Plan and details will be forthcoming.
  • Additional projects will be announced by the Alberta government in the coming weeks and months.


Good News and Savings for ARHCA Members Accessing Alberta Transportation Tenders

On Monday, December 12, 2016, Alberta Transportation will be enabling the functionality for ARHCA members to download Alberta Transportation tender documents directly from the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). Tender documents and associated materials for any construction tenders advertised on December 12, 2016, or later will be able to be obtained in an electronic format through APC. All other methods of distribution, either electronically through COOLNet or hardcopy through Alberta Transportation offices, will continue to be offered.

Fence will protect wildlife along Highway 3
The Government of Alberta is installing fencing along both sides of Highway 3 near Crowsnest Pass to protect animals along a critical wildlife corridor. The province has been working with environmental groups on a plan to reduce the number of wildlife collisions and improve the safety of motorists in this area of Crowsnest and Emerald Lakes.
City supervisor, U of A prof talk about battle between Edmonton city streets and the elements
The old adage that Edmonton has two seasons — winter and construction — holds true this year, though the city and other groups make efforts to curb the need for road maintenance. This year, the municipal government is investing $402 million in transportation infrastructure, an email from city spokesperson Dale Shekooley said. This sum represents around 425 lane kilometres, and work on bridges, interchanges and roads.