WCB Review Recommendations Released

The long-awaited Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) Report and Recommendations are available to the public. Click HERE to read the full report. With 60 recommendations from the WCB Review Panel on the current system, the Ministry of Labour has decided not to respond to the report this summer. This will allow stakeholders time to review the report and prepare for the formal response from the government.

The WCB Review Panel recommended that “the better approach going forward is to put the health and well-being of injured workers at the centre of the workers’ compensation system.”

Highlights from the report include:
- Maintaining the maximum insurable earnings (MIE), agreed to on an annual basis, while considering graduated benefits for workers whose wages exceed the MIE range. 
- Ending the current practice of distribution of surplus funding to employers and establish a new policy for the use of excess funding.
- Amending the WCB Act to establish a requirement that an injured worker continues to be covered under their existing health benefits.
- Update retirement benefits to better reflect the impact a workplace injury has on an injured worker.

The Associations is aware of the financial implications some of the recommendations from the WCB Review Panel may have on employers (i.e. premium rates). The ARHCA will complete a comprehensive review on the report in the coming weeks and provide the membership with a complete analysis of the impacts. 

In addition, the ARHCA has been assured there are opportunities for further discussion of the report and provide additional feedback based on the recommendations.